RubyKaigi 2023 Sponsorship Application Form

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring RubyKaigi 2023. Please fill in the information for the main contact, invoice details, and your company information.

We will be accepting sponsorship applications until the end of March. Some packages, e.g. Ruby and Platinum, end application early than this deadline. This is subject to change, so please understand that this application form may close early without prior notice.

For additional information about the sponsorship packages, please refer to the sponsorship prospectus:

Please feel free to shoot an email to if you have any questions.

Point of Contact

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Billing Information

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Sponsorship Package

See the sponsorship prospectus for package details.

We plan to select Ruby and Platinum sponsors at random. Application of those package tiers will close at 20 January 2023. We'll send an announcement once we selected Ruby and Platinum sponsors.

Also, we're willing to accept custom sponsorship plans such as Wi-Fi Sponsor, etc. If you're interested, read the page about custom plans on the prospectus, and please choose appropriate package tier (or "Other" if planned budget is uncertain). Then fill your plan proposal or questions into the additional note field below.

Starting RubyKaigi 2023, we resume offering custom sponsoring packages with foods and drinks. The options are still limited but feel free to consult us for detailed planning.

Pick a plan:

Sponsor Booth

Sponsor booth is only applicable for sponsors in Ruby and Platinum plan as a paid add-on. (500,000 JPY)

Due to the COVID-19, we may choose not to open sponsor booths if it is worsening. In case of sponsor booth cancellation, we don't bill the add-on at all.

The availability of booths are limited, so we plan to select exhibitors at random. We'll send an announcement once we selected booths.

Note that we offer at least 2 booth staff passes per sponsor. Booth staff are not allowed to attend speaker sessions or receive official novelty.

Your selected plan is uneligible for booths; only available in Ruby, Platinum plan

Sponsor Information

Please provide a short introduction of your company. Note that the length of the introduction will vary depending on the sponsorship plan you chose.


Upload your company logo file for the sponsors page in our website, and the venue onsite. Please make sure your file is in vector format (like .ai, .eps, .svg). If you have multiple files, archive them into a .zip file.



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